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NADI NADA ~ Sound Bath and Reiki

  • Kikospace 2104 Dundas Street West Toronto Canada (map)

Join Kiko Sounds and Talib Hussain for a night of harmonized energetics in sound and Reiki. Guests will begin seated or laying down and will be led through a guided meditation and into restorative postures to ensure optimal comfort and calm. From this place of rest Kiko will share a group sound bath using various overtone emitting instruments attuned to recalibration, deep states of relaxation, and self-healing within the body. Sounds may include crystal and brass singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs, rattles, vocals and shruti box. As you are bathed in sound, Talib will give individual Reiki treatments to each person. This event is limited to 8 people to ensure specialized care. Guests should wear warm, comfortable clothing suitable for laying down. All mats and props are provided, however you are welcome to bring your own mat if you prefer.

About Kiko Sounds

Kiko is a teacher and artist specializing in sound therapy, meditation, yoga and relational aesthetics. As the co-founder of Toronto's contemporary design shop Magic Pony, and art gallery Narwhal, she spent over a decade collaborating with artists from around the globe, curating exhibitions, publications and interactive environments. Now she combines her experiences in contemporary culture with holistic modalities to offer ephemeral, immersive experiences intended to guide you back to a state of wholeness. Kiko creates settings for deep listening that induce profound states of relaxation and meditation, inviting in opportunities for intuitive awareness, self-healing and expansive creativity. Kiko is a certified yoga instructor who has studied Integral Sound Healing at the Svaram Music Research Center in Auroville, India, sound meditation with Sara Auster and Biosonics with Dr. John Beaulieu. She studies Sri Vidya and the Himalayan Sage Tradition via the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy and is certified in Contemplative Psychotherapy through the Nalanda Institute (NYC).

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About Talib Hussain

Talib has always been a life long learner, experimenting, playing and learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. He elevated his life exponentially by completing Jonathan Fields' Goodlife Project Immersion Program in 2014 where he learned about the importance of authentic connection, vitality, contribution and most importantly of all, the importance of community. In 2016 he obtained his Certification in Applied Positive Psychology through the Flourishing Centre based in New York City where he incorporates the lessons into all areas of his life. He is an avid meditator, practicing for 15 years, with two Vipassana retreats under his belt and a certified level two reiki practitioner. He loves leading meditations, giving lots of reiki love and dancing between the internal and external worlds. He wants to share with both the new and the experienced how to play and have fun with the process of exploring Self and to be a counter to the many myths currently in circulation. In 2014, he experienced the importance of balancing movement and stillness together. Since then, he has been a devoted student of yoga and in 2018, he dived into the 200 hour teacher training at Octopus Garden to deepen his practice and with the encouragement of his teacher Pat Harada, enrolled in the 300 hour teacher training.

As he moves deeper into meditation, Talib is learning to create a relationship with his subtle bodies (deeper layers) that exists beyond the physical body. He learned through experience that too solely play in the physical playground is like playing level one of Super Mario Brothers (the good old days:)) over and over again. It may feel good because it keeps the ego happy (#winning!), but after a while, it will get boring right?

Going deeper into the energetic body is like playing in a completely new playground, a higher vibrational playground. If being human was a video game, then the energetic body is the next level.

His vision is to continue his deep dive into the world of Self discovery and to guide others towards a deeper understanding of Self and of the energetic body where he believes the true magic happens.