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Kiko Sounds

TUNING IN ~ The Practical Magic of Tuning Forks May 25 10am-1pm

TUNING IN ~ The Practical Magic of Tuning Forks May 25 10am-1pm

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Shop in person at Kikospace

Come visit Kikospace for a complimentary 30 minute appointment to play and shop instruments and essential oils. Please note that these appointments are not for Crystal Bowls. To view, shop and play the bowls you must book a 60 minute consultation. Kikospace is located at 2104 Dundas St W.

Join Kiko for a playshop of deep listening and self healing through learning the theory and practical magic of using Biosonics Tuning Forks. Together we will explore techniques of using tuning forks on our own body and also partnered work to access the potential of sharing the tuning forks with others.

This workshop will focus on the fundamentals of Biosonics Tuning Forks. We will be working with the Biosonics C256+G384 perfect fifth body tuners and the C128 otto tuner.

This workshop is recommended for anyone who is looking for alternative healing modalities to bring balance and stress relief to their life. Tuning Forks are excellent supports for meditation, relaxation and focus. For practitioners: the tuning forks are wonderful supports for body and energy workers, therapists sound workers and musicians.

All participants will receive a 15% discount on tuning forks

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