Kiko is an artist and teacher specializing in sound, meditation, restorative practices and relational aesthetics. As the co-founder of Toronto's contemporary design shop and gallery, Magic Pony + Narwhal, she spent over a decade collaborating with artists from around the globe, curating exhibitions, publications and interactive environments. Kiko now combines her experiences in contemporary culture with holistic modalities to offer ephemeral, immersive vibrational experiences intended to guide you back into a state of union. Through creating sensitive settings for deep listening and self-discovery, Kiko opens opportunities for individuals to access the infinite potential that exists within and with each other.

Kiko's journey into wellness began after a series of health issues stemming from overwork and perfectionism caused her body and mind to fall into a chronic state of illness and called her businesses into closure. For the first time, learning how to take care became her focus, and so began the slow and gentle life journey into self-compassion, kindness, and mindfulness practices. It was through meditation that the true healing activated within her, and this awakening led her to channel and dedicate her studies into the subtle realms of healing energetics, specifically sound, meditation, somatics and yoga therapeutics. 

Kiko is a certified yoga instructor who has studied Integral Sound Healing at the Svaram Music Research Center in Auroville, India, Biosonics with Dr. John Beauleau and sound meditation with Sara Auster. She studies Sri Vidya and the Himalayan Sage Tradition via the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy and is certified in Contemplative Psychotherapy through the Nalanda Institute (NYC). She is currently learning and sharing the subtle energy of plant medicine and flower essences through the teachings of herbalist and healer Daisy Marquis (Black Mountain School of Natural Healing).