Community Guidelines at Kikospace

 - This space strives to be one that is safer and supportive.

- Please communicate with respect and consideration. Practice step back, step forward mindfulness. If you often share more, consider letting others share and practice active, compassionate listening. Be mindful of the time and space you are occupying and the impact of what you share on the other participants. Be kind. Be aware. Be respectful to the group.

-Offerings at Kikospace are not in lieu of professional or medical help or therapy. If you are in need of professional or medical services please connect with those who are trained and certified. This is a creative community space. Kikospace, its owner and all collaborators are not responsible for those who participate in events. All in attendance are acknowledged as empowered adults who are responsible for themselves.

-This is a boundaried space. Respect the space and the time allotted for your session. Do not touch or move items that do not belong to you. Do not enter into parts of the space that you have not been invited into. Ask permission and for support before engaging with items in the sound shop.

-In the sound bath studio there are sacred, fragile instruments that are only used in sound baths. These instruments are off limits to be played by anyone but their owner. Do not touch or play the sound bath instruments set up in the space at any time.

-Photos are allowed in the space when we are not in sound bath session. During the sound bath we ask that all phones be kept outside of the room. Please do not take or share anyone's photo without their permission.

We welcome you to the space and appreciate your care and responsibility.