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Kiko Sounds

Bush Rattle Set of 2

Bush Rattle Set of 2

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Shop in person at Kikospace

Come visit Kikospace for a complimentary 30 minute appointment to play and shop instruments and essential oils. Please note that these appointments are not for Crystal Bowls. To view, shop and play the bowls you must book a 60 minute consultation. Kikospace is located at 2104 Dundas St W.

Some say these create the sounds of the aliveness within the forests - others hear sounds of moving water. Magical and soothing or activating depending on how you play. Very fun to shake and create rhythm, or gently caresses them in your hands for an ASMR vibe. I like to softly move these from the crown of my head, down my neck, shoulders and arms for a soothing sonic massage...the deliciousness tactility sound and touch sensations. Hand made with love in India.

Included: a small blue tote carrying tote with drawstring.

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